Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the always brilliant and charisma oozing KATE MOROSS and myself did somewhat of a collaboration (she did all the work) on a new 12'' records for her always brilliant and charisma oozing record label, ISOMORPHS.   basically this girl rules.

here is a picture of her.
charisma oozing right?

she designed all of the sleeve artwork, and also a t shirt to go along with the record. 
the idea stemmed from my interest (obsession?) in semiotics, symbol systems, and occult meaning in symbology.

the term "true ruin" is about the death and transformation of the human species and our current level of consciousness. 
in other words, the final "ruination" of our current worldview and dimensionary placement.

 and that is not a "star of david"

check it out. 

her is this vinyl.... 

and the t shirt

there are only 500 of these sweet things!!!    and as far as i know, they are only in the UK...

please support kate and myself, you can buy these ARTifacts HERE!!!

we (again, it is all kate, all i did was dance around in her studio while she filmed me) also made a music video to promote the single "TRUE RUIN"

every single frame was hand done! 

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