Tuesday, June 29, 2010


a week or so ago, famed phenom "crunkcore", band ( i almost just typed the word "artists", but hesitated) BROKENCYDE played denver. over the past year, i would keep returning to their bizarre, misogynistic, confusing, hilarious and horrifying video for their breakout "hit" called "freaxxx" .  whenever people watch it a common question is "why is he screaming?!" .

 to me it represents everything that is wrong in suburban youth culture. a steady diet of suburban alienated screamo, MTV reality shows, youtube, and the worst aspects of pop radio somehow are alchemically equalized inside of their rabid/vapid teenage fanbase.
but somehow out of all of this, a really interesting and fascinating subculture of kids started basically because of brokencyde and bands influenced by brokencyde.

always interested in subcultural identity, fashion, and groupthink, i rode my bike down to photograph the line of youths outside their sold out show.

most of the kids were really excited that i wanted to photograph them.

the results were beautiful.

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  1. god there is this firefox glitch where i can't get youtubes to STOP PLAYING :''0

  2. I like what you do, Travis. Keep up the good work.