Thursday, October 11, 2012


it is no secret that King Dude is one of my favorite artists right now. blazing his own path, while always working and inspiring,  this dude has just dropped a brand new video for his song "holy land" .. which i imagine has something to do with the evils of christianity, judging from the broken cross in a window pane that is repeated in the video. all hail the king!

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  1. Hey Travis. Man i'm a massive fan of your music and style. I wish i had an older brother like you honestly. Your music combines all the musical phases i've been through into one sick rhythmic haze.
    I was just wondering I belive in Jesus Christ and i noticed you said there are evils in Christianity. Could you tell me what you mean? or maybe you're referring to freaks like westboro or like real fundmental Chrtistnas who hates gays and stuff?
    I belive in Jesus beacuse he has spoken to me and my mum and my brothers. Jesus healed my liltte brother when the doctors though he had a growth in his lung, my mum prayed and shortly after is vanished.

    I'll still be a fan of yours either way man, your music is unreal

    PS I think you'll like this: