Sunday, October 2, 2011


the old kremlin (midevil town center) and brand new mosque in, kazan, russia. 

such a wonderful evening surrounded by wonderful people, i had no idea that this video was being made.
the footage was taken from a small party in the outskirts of KAZAN, RUSSIA in a traditional russian style house. i had performed at a club the night earlier and this was sort of an afterparty, but the next day. everyone wanted me to DJ very badly so i set up my computer on top of a small but loud stereo while everyone danced. it starts off outside in a courtyard but we had to move inside because while i was DJing huge storm clouds rolled in and it started pouring rain. the kids there said that i was a shaman and i brought the rain. it was an amazing moment.

there was mitsubishi ecstasy floating around, and everyone was feeling good sharing their culture with me. the guy timothy, who's birthday party it was said me DJing there was the most incredible gift anyone could ever give him. i felt blessed to be there.

check it out.

just a small moment in a night in my life, but a good one.

more fully realized post about russia to come...

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