Friday, April 8, 2011


the day i met alexis, we ended up in his her room watching a madonna documentary and i ended up sleeping in her bed with four other guys. her hand may or may not have been down my pants the whole night.

that story really has nothing to do with this music video, or maybe it does...

Alexis is one of my favorite twitter conceptualists. one of the few masters of the social networking website, her twitter is part brutally honest real life drama, part comedic genius, part queer and drag class 101, and somehow it all reads as a real time cant-take-your-eye's off it memoir of someone living a life far more fabulous than you.  i highly recommend following its brilliance.  get @ Alexis HERE

here is her new video for the song "lonely sea". the music is all produced by NICK WEISS of post-rave geniuses TEENGIRL FANTASY

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