Wednesday, February 23, 2011




one word


a lot of people may not remember this song, but nina sky were sort of a one hit wonder on mainstream radio a few years ago, i think they were poised for big things and i am not really sure what happened... maybe the north american mainstream audience wasnt ready for reggaeton pop music sung by cute sisters just quite yet.  i always LOVED this song, and listening to it now reminds me of how good it actually is...  (****side promo>>>>come hear me dj this song at real is a feeling this friday night in denver at the meadowlark!)))

flash forward years into the future, and our current post-pop cultural landscape sees nina sky singing over NYC based slo-mo female dark goth-hop duo, CREEP

seriously this is incredible. you can see the genuine excitement on nina sky's faces from them showcasing their talents to an entirely new audience.

this video sort of represents a lot of things for me, first off, the current state of the music industry and the blurring of what was once thought of as "mainstream" or "underground". there are no rules anymore and the walls are being brought down.... everything is on the same level field now.

we are living through a pretty remarkable moment in pop history and i am curious to see where this goes.

much love to creep...


  1. Nina Sky was great with Switch/Diplo (Major Lazer) her refrain on Keep it Goin' Louder..."I've got the girls in the truck bout six chicks deep, and you know girls we rollin with is straight sexy."

    have fun at the show, wish i lived in denver

  2. Damn that last video was great, love the vocals and the beat behind it.