Wednesday, September 15, 2010


new york avant intelligent party starters DAS RACIST are, in my opinion, single handedly making independent hip hop risky again. the "genre" lost its mojo long ago in the early 2000's and has been struggling to find direction and relevancy in a world where "mainstream" rap is often more creative and progressive than its "underground" counterparts. das racist are extremely post modern. post modern in the sense that they are aware of themselves, aware of the humor that is and has always been inherent in hip-hop, and are not afraid to just be plain DOPE while rapping about seinfeld. 

das racist dudes just dropped a new mixtape called "sit down, man" and yes, its DOPE, FRESH, and whatever other hip-hop adjective you can throw around. 

1. wkcr stretch and bobbito with quincy jones (intro)
2. all tan everything (featuring jay-z) (produced by sabzi)
3. puerto rican cousins (produced by gordon voidwell and alex kestner)
4. hahahaha jk? (produced by boi-1da)
5. town business (featuring kassa overall) (produced by kassa overall)
6. commercial (produced by teengirl fantasy)
7. people are strange (produced by devo springsteen)
8. luv it mayne (featuring fat tony & bo p) (produced by tom cruz)
9. amazing (featuring lakutis) (produced by keepaway)
10. fashion party (with chairlift) (produced by chairlift)
11. rapping 2 u (featuring lakutis) (produced by sha-leik)
12. rooftop (featuring despot) (produced by dame grease)
13. irresponsible (featuring lakutis) (produced by like magic + das racist)
14. return to innocence (produced by dash speaks)
15. julia (the very best remix) (produced by das racist)
16. roc marciano joint (featuring roc marciano) (produced by mike finito)
17. you can sell anything (produced by diplo)
18. sit down, man (featuring el-p) (produced by scoop deville)
19. sit down, people (by dapwell and quincy jones)

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