Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i have posted about the stoned boys before here. and with good reason.
i performed with them in moscow, and they were such hospitable gentlemen, and just happened to be in an incredible band.

this is a new video for their song "dead friends"

i dont know much about what is going on in the video, as i cant read russian, but i feel that it is irrelevant because the song is awesome.

this may sound kind of common place sonically to us living in america, but to kids in russia, this is very exciting and underground punk music. trust me, the stoned boys are some of the only people making music that is on this level in all of moscow. (there are 25 million people in moscow.)

check it out!

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Премьера клипа группы Stoned Boys — Dead Friends – Видеоклипы на Look at Me

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  1. there're some other good bands, more authentic check