Wednesday, July 7, 2010


yes, that is a gold lap top. (wtf) (apocalypse is nigh) 
but it is only fitting because my true homeboy BRENMAR of futuristic dance apocalypse bringers THESE ARE POWERS (seriously look out for this band, they are mindblowing)
dropped me this incredible new mix in my inbox this morning. i have been listening to it all day. 
it is very of the moment. 
minimal synth jabs give way to luscious R&B vocal stylings and tropical yet cold riddims.

to put it lightly. this mix is fire. 


- Brenmar - 24K Intro
- Kelis meets Dubble Dutch (Brenmar edit)
- Jamtech Foundation - Unleash It (ft Joey Fever)
- The Phantom - Night Game
- Cassie - Me & U (Brenmar remix)
- Jeremih - I Like (Brenmar edit)
- Mele - Mugged
- Samo Sound Boy - Five
- Starfoxxx - La Contradansa
- Gremino - Shining (Jam City remix)
- Brenmar & Nguzunguzu - Knee Deep
- Munchi - Murda Sound VIP
- Bok Bok - Dance Report
- Ixxel - Drop That Beat
- Optimum - Crash Riddim
- LOL Boys - w8ing2xhale
- Young Prince - Koolaid
- J. Holiday - Go Home With You
- Dj Jonty - Grinding (Falsetto)
- Brenmar - Crime Mob Cover

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