Wednesday, May 12, 2010


for most americans, the idea of russia is abstract. it is very very far away, and our only mental images of what russia is about mainly consists of stereotypes from our movies and political history with the soviets.

seriously, do you know what is going in russia?
i didnt.

until i had the extreme honor to fly to moscow to do a performance this last weekend.  the experience was culturally profound. both for myself and for my new friends in moscow.
it was as if two portals into other worlds opened up temporarily and we shared our thoughts and feelings and emotions with one another.

simply put, it was beautiful.

i was able to perform with two amazing russian bands.

one of them being THE STONED BOYS who really reminded me of a more techno version of some of my fellow denver bands like BDRMPPL, and HIDEOUS MEN.  truly weird, inspired, awesome stuff.  they fucking ruled.
they have a new album out. called "little victory"

here is a song off of that record.
the stoned boys "sunshine"

the other band i played with was LOVE FINE, who were equally brilliant. the sounded like if suicide was a little more darkwave (yea) but sometimes clubby and dancey. it was really fun.

to russia with love.

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  1. Great show in Moscow! Thank you for coming!