Wednesday, March 24, 2010


for anyone who has not heard, i was supposed to play a festival in monterrey, mexico last week called MTYMX.
i was unable to attend the festival, along with dozens of other bands who were supposed to play because of logistical problems with the busses that were supposed to be taking us down there. basically, the busses were either not running, or they were taking 12-15 hours to get to monterrey, after we had been told it would take 5 hours.

for a festival of these unprecedented proportions, it seems a given that not everything would run smoothly, and i applaud todd p for his incredible hard work and trail blazing spirit to even attempt something like this. and it seems to have gone pretty smoothly.

it just seems there is some miscommunication to the fans in mexico about why we didnt make it to the festival. it was not because of us being afraid of mexicans, or of mexico. i was looking forward to the festival for months, and thought it was a really important experiment in cross cultural relationship building.

we dont need more fear, or hostility between mexico and america...

the promoters,  or whoever, need to address the issue about the busses being COMPLETELY FUCKED. and in no way was it an issue of feeling scared of mexico.  we wanted to be there, but just couldnt.

my deepest apologies to anyone who wanted to see me perform in mexico, i wish i could have been there.


  1. it should be mentioned not every band cancelled because of that. some did cancel out of fear of mexico and its violence, like anamanaguchi. pocahaunted cancelled because their parents wouldn't let them come to violent mexico (can you believe that?). i'm sure other bands have other reasons too.

    i was looking forward to see you, tearist, salem and like 10 other bands that never showed up a lot, so yeah it was pretty shitty that happened but still mtymx was amazing with the bands that did play and everyone who was there can vouch for that.

    hope you and most of the bands who missed it can come play some other time, especially in mexico city, a lot of people here went to mty and can't travel every other week to shows in other states, myself included.

    rock on.

  2. btw the girl who sued shams was there and i told her i knew her from your post/judge judy hahaha, turns out she's in a band and they played at one of the afterparties. it was pretty sick.